Am session

Helped renovate a gym. Took about 7 hrs. Was laying down flooring going up and down stairs Etc.

Point is it counts.

PM session

Part A.

Back squats 5/3/2/2 rest 3:00


Went on to hit 395 and 405 for easy singles. Then tried 415 2x and 410 once. Felt great on legs but back went I didn’t have a spot so I dumped on all 3. Happy though.

Part B.

2 segmented clean DL (2 sec pause at shin and knee) + 1 clean

3 sets

185-225(warm ups)-255-275-295-315

Felt good so kept going. Stayed on my heels well. No idea how 315 happened but it did.


For time:

15 MU
Row 2k
15 MU
Row 1k
30 CTB


MU- 8/7
2k- 7:26
MU- 5-4-3-3
1k- 3:54
CTB- 12/10/8

Had to sub rowing bc I had no where to run.

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